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                          Welcome to Just Human Mobile Massage Therapists

We perform wonderful massage treatments in the comfort of your own homes in Liverpool area. We offer a range of vouchers or all our treatments   

     Aromatherapy massage
 Aromatherapy uses of essential oils, extracted from flowers and plants. These oils are gently massaged into the skin, from there they pass into the bloodstream and influence the nervous system, mental and emotional states. It then stimulates particular parts of the brain to induce deep relaxation and well being. This is a wonderful treatment to relive the effects of stress and many other common ailments.

60 minutes full body treatment 45.00    

OMG 2! Two hours of heavenly bliss

This unique treatment consists of Aromatherapy, Swedish Body and HOT STONE MASSAGE as well as Reiki, Indian Head Massage and Crystal therapy.When combined together they create a once in a life-time experience forthe mind, body and spirit that You will want to experience again and again


   120 minutes 95.00


    1 Hour Hot Stone Massage

This treatment is a 1 hour full body Hot stone massage treatment using essential oils and carrier oil. Hot stone massage covers the full body and is a wonderful experience fully relaxing wonderfully indulgant; guaranteed to make you feel special 


      60 Minutes 50.00


     OMG! I cannot believe it

This is the ultimate luxury in full body massage, 90 minutes of heavenly bliss. You will be massage slowly from head to toe. This is a deep tissue full body aromatherapy massage and aromatic facial massage; that will leave you feeling wonderfully relaxed and pampered from head to toe.

65.00 for 90 minutes

    Sports Injury Massage
For all those pulled and aching muscle, torn ligaments and Achilles heel problems, body re-alignment and sciatic nerve problems. Are you suffering any injuries such as whiplash, stiff joints, kyphosis or lordosis?  Just Human have the know how to get you back feeling fit again.

45 per treatment

                                               Swedish Body massage

Swedish Body Massage is the deep manipulation of soft tissue. This is a very vigorous and intensive massage. It relaxes nerves, reduces stress and releases muscle tension, improves skin texture & increases joint mobility. Muscle fibres are stimulated & strengthened.

60 minutes full body treatment 45.00


Ultimate stress Buster

This treatment consists of every muscle; every fibre, every joint; tendon and ligament being stretched pulled and pushed. It is a very intensive massage treatment and is not recommended if you have a heavy work schedule as it will take at least one day to fully recover. This treatment is not recommended for those of you who are wimps.


90 minutes of intense massage 65.00


Indian Head Massage

This technique involves controlled movements of massage and the use of pressure points to relieve tension in the head, neck, shoulders, back and upper arms. The treatment has a strong effect on the mind, body and spirit, and quickly relieves stress and tension, and is designed to leave you feeling revitalise and invigorated.


45 minutes treatment 40.00



Special: Pamper Session
This is an ideal gift for you, or someone special. This treatment consists of a full body aromatherapy or Swedish Body massage and aromatic facial massage. Guaranteed to make anyone feel amazing.


75 minutes massage 55.00 X4=only 200


Reflexology works on the basis that points on the feet correspond to different areas of the body. By applying pressure to these points, all the systems and organs of the body can be stimulated. Reflexology can be used to treat a wide range of disorders, including stress, asthma, sinus problems, back pain, digestive problems, insomnia, migraine and headaches. It is deeply relaxing and uplifting.  Commonly reported benefits include increased energy and concentration, improved sleep, improved mood, pain relief and improved immunity.


 45 minute treatment    40.00




Just human also perform treatments at hotels in and around Liverpool. Booking can only be made using a credit card and all bookings are final.


Terms and conditions all booking are final a minimum of 24 hours notice must be provided on cancellations other wise a charge of 50% of the treatment will apply














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