Just Human   The office massage people

   Providing a hands on solution to Stress Management because  

             looking after your staff can seriously increase your profits                  

      Making people feel wonderful; Naturally    




Just Human; The office massage people; are performing office massage treatments in and around Liverpool's Business district. Treatments includes back, neck, and shoulders arms head and hands all being treated. Office massage treatments are a great way to promote health and well being in the workplace. With Just Human there's no mess; no oils are used and no clothes are removed. Its a quick, clean and cost effective way to rejuvenate your staff. With a selection of payment options available Our team of professional therapists will have your staff feeling relaxed, invigorated and revitalised in time at all. Making your staff feel amazing and ready and able to tackle the work ahead. To book your appointment call Just Human today on 07753216210 or email us at info@justhuman.co.uk

And see the difference in your staff


   Providing a hands on approach to stress management


What Just Human can do for you   


The modern working environment is very stressful place. With its long hour’s high demanding highly stressed and work load. With a large amount of burnout and emotional stress related and work related illness that is costing employer's hundreds of thousands of pounds a year.


Work-related stress accounts for over a third of all new incidences of ill health. 


Each case of stress-related ill health leads to an average of 30.9 working days lost.


In 2004/ and 2005 A total of 12.8 million working days were lost to stress, anxiety and depression.  


Stress is costing the average British business £666.00per person per year


Short term sickness amounts to 80% of all absences and comprise 62% of lost time and costs the average cost per employer is £434 per employee per year. You can appreciate how serious this can be to any business. Continual short-term absences create an undue impact on the remaining staff who then have to cover for absences, this to can then lead to more stress and absenteeism through illness.


The North West has the second highest recorded levels of stress in Great Britain? Only Northern Ireland had higher stress levels per capita 71% of people in the North West say they’re irritable because of stress and 55% say their sleep is disturbed by stress. Thirty-nine percent said that the second biggest cause of stress for them was work. 



Onsite massage treatments from Just Human are an effective and inexpensive means to reduce in the workplace?


What do we offer?

Just Human provides a range of onsite massage treatments that have been specially designed to work with in the modern business environment. Treatments are administered without causing any disruption to your normal working activities. Our massage treatments will have you and your staff feeling relaxed, revitalised and invigorated, ready for the challenge ahead. In addition to relieving stress Just Human also runs a range of workshops on stress management to help educate your workforce on the causes of stress and ways to prevent. We also offer counselling, conflict management and bespoke training package to optimise your workforce. Maximising your staff’s performance allowing your businesses to flourish


Did you know that the use of massage in the work place can have a positive effect on?


Increases staff performance and productivity by up to 20%;

                        Increases employee commitment to work;                                  

Reduce staff turnover or intention to leave;

                              Great concentration and mental clarity                                      

Improved cognitive skills

Greater mental alertness

More efficient work force

Great for team building exercises And boosts staff morale

Reduce stress in the work place

Decrease accidents in the work place.

Increase customer satisfaction and increases your organisational image and reputation



Under Just Human's care; your staff will demonstrate all this and more. Our treatments are designed help reduce stress and lower anxieties levels, lessen fatigue and increase productivity in the workplace.

It also helps with to reduce headaches and migraines, poor sleep patterns, insomnia, depression and back & shoulder pain, tension and carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injuries. With onsite massage treatments from Just Human your working environment will be a happier and more productive work space.


                   So what price would you put on your staff?


    And we can help you reduce stress in the workplace for less than the price of a cup of coffee a week 


    Interested? Then email Just Human at info@justhuman.co.uk and see how we can help your company






                                              All our onsite treatments are available in 10,12,15,20, or 30 minute sessions


                                                                              Standard: Stress Buster

                                            This invigorating  massage consists of massage to the  back, neck

                                                        and shoulder, arms and hands each treatment is tailored to the 

                                                        individual's requirement and is ideal for those stiff muscles. 

                                                                Ideal for the office or working environment.


                                                                               Indian Head Massage

                                                        This massage of the back, neck, shoulders, head and face has 

                                                        numerous therapeutic benefits, including reducing stress, increased

                                                        energy and improved concentration



                                                                             Reflexology Hands or feet

                                                        Reflexology works on the basis that points on the feet correspond to

                                                        different areas of the body. By applying pressure to these points, all  

                                                        the systems and organs of the body can be stimulated. Reflexology

                                                        can be used to treat a wide range of disorder. 




                                                        Reiki is a system of energy healing which works on all levels to

                                                        stimulate self-healing. It is gentle and non-invasive. Benefits of Reiki 

                                                        can include pain relief and accelerated physical healing, relief from

                                                        stress and tension


                                                                   The Pamper Session

                                                        This wonderfully relaxing treatment includes Aromatherapy facial     

                                                         massage facial massage plus neck and shoulders massage.

                                                         A big favourite in the office, not only for the ladies.



                                                                             Mini: Stress Relief  30 mins*

                                                         This vigorous onsite, back, neck and shoulder massage is carried

                                                          out on a massage table using carrier oils for complete relaxation.


                                             When scheduling and booking your appointment times:

                             Please include a 15 minute break for the practitioner every 2.5 hours (this is not charged).

                                  There is a minimum of 24 hours booking notice required in the Liverpool area.

                                             2 working days advanced noticed is need to work outside the Merseyside area

                                 Generally we work in small meeting rooms or board rooms some where away from the normal 

                                             hussle and bussle of the office. All healthy and safety requirement are met.

                                     A client time sheet is drawn up to ensure the smooth running of the therapist time.                       

                                                          Please note: Minimum session -1 hour


                                                       Just Human host three different payment options

F                                                                                     Fully funded as an incentive by the employer

S                                                       Subsidised by the employer 50/50 split

                                                                                    The employee pays for the massage in full.

                                            Please contact us for more details about these payment options.


                          For more information and about our treatments  contact us at info@justhuman.co.uk or

                                                            Call us on 0151 5304688 or 07753216210







                 To contact us, email  info@justhuman.co.uk       

                                                        Tel- 0151 5304688, cell 07753216210


                          Providing a hands on approach to stress management