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            Making sports people feel wonderful; Naturally  


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 No mater what sport you play we can help you play it better

             my making you fitter and injury free.



Have you been involved in a car accident do yiou have a back injury or whip lash? Is an old injury preventing you from doing exercise or stopping you from reaching your goals in life.


No matter whether its a frozen shoulder sciatic nerve pain or knee problems or whip lash we can help. Just Human are fully qualified in remedial sports massage therapy and able to help diagnose and treat most major aligments and get you back on your feet feeling wonderful again in no time at all.


Many sporting teams in Liverpool are missing their best players because of injuries. This is then affecting the teams performance. Is your side one of the growing number of teams that are missing their best players because of an injury? We supply therapists to sporting event for individuals and clubs from South Port to Liverpool and the Wirral. 


If you or any of your team mates suffering any injury old or new whether its  with sciatic pain, cruciate ligament or Achilles tendon problems, do you have pulled muscles, back problem or frozen shoulders ? We can help you


Are your injuries affecting your performance and preventing your from achieving your sporting ambitions are you serious about returning to your peak physical condition.


With the season well under way many sides through out Liverpool are experiencing defeat because of injury and with the ground getting harder under foot from the approaching winter it means more injuries are likely to occur.











                                                         For more information pleae contact David Willson on 0151 5304688 or  

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